Does UH offer a degree in Fashion Design?

Houston Community College (HCC) offers an Associate’s Degree in fashion design. Information is available at For more information, call 713-718-6152 or e-mail Information is also available at

Students will find it beneficial to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science and Merchandising at UH after completing HCC's program. Consumer Science and Merchandising at the University of Houston is a unique undergraduate program that focuses on consumer-oriented business practices in the fields of merchandising, technology entrepreneurship, retailing, e-tailing, sales, customer services, and public relations. Consumer orientation is key in meeting customer demand that drives business success. The Consumer Science and Merchandising degree will provide knowledge of sales and marketing.

Information on UH's Consumer Science and Merchandising degree is available at Degree requirements are listed at the following website The website also provides possible careers at Contact the Consumer Science and Merchandising advisor for additional information at

 University of North Texas offers a bachelor's degree in fashion design at

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